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The time has come for the CSITAO website to be reborn. Someone of you may remember a few years ago when this site would cover arbitrary topics related to mainly politics, but mainly focused on a narrow theme found in random news articles.

News today has become nothing more than loose propaganda controlled by corporations with very little coverage and follow up on the actual stories that occur. If a story published by mainstream outlets cannot generate enough traffic than either meaningless details are emphasized in order to drudge up a more sensationalist story or the story is left to fade into the night.

In addition to presenting a news story and the facts involved to understand the event(s), sometimes it becomes necessary to understand the concepts, underlying background information, and other pertinent information associated with the news story.

Other times, when there is little to no important news going on, understanding some basic theories, historical perspectives and events, and other important topics relevant to the world today can also be just as important to read.

This site aims to be a different type of news outlet. All the news is already out there on the internet. However, most sources are more than willing to lean towards a certain bias. The goal here is to present important news from different sites that offer varying perspectives and narratives and combine them into real news that present the relevant facts with as little propaganda, bias, and misleading/unimportant information as possible.

On a slow news day, or sometimes when it is necessary, topics in politics, philosophy, religion, history, science, and other disciplines will be discussed in order to gain a better grasp of the world around us so that the next time an event worthy of becoming news occurs, the reader will be much more informed. This allows for a better focus on understanding, interpreting, and being able to find the truth.


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